warren county missouri wendy nordwald - assessor

How the Assessment Process Works

Assessment is the process of placing a value on property for the purpose of property taxation. The Assessor is charged with placing fair market value on property as of the tax date. This assures the tax burden is distributed fairly among those responsible for payment. The property tax in Missouri is “ad valorem” meaning the taxes are based on the property value. 

What Types of Property Are There?

real property

This includes land, improvements to the land and all rights inherent in ownership.
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personal property

This is any property that is not real property, and is not permanently affixed to or part of real estate.
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Service You Can Trust


Wendy Nordwald is the Warren County Assessor. Wendy was first elected to office in 2004. She was most recently elected to her fourth term as the Warren County Assessor in 2016.

Wendy has served on the Missouri Association of Counties (MAC) Board of Directors since, 2010. She has served on the MAC Legislative Committee since 2012, and is currently serving as the Committee Chair (2018). In 2013, Wendy was elected by the MAC membership to serve on Executive Board, and has served in various positions on the Executive Board from 2014 to 2108. Wendy is currently the Missouri Association of Counties Immediate Past President.

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