The Assessor is required to send a Notice of Change in value, if the real estate assessment increases due to reassessment or new construction. 

This will show the new or current value compared to the previous value. If you feel that the value is NOT at fair market value, all taxpayers have the right to an informal hearing with the County Assessor. When an informal hearing is made, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to provide evidence that the Appraised value is excessive. Stating that property taxes are too high is not relevant testimony.


You should determine what you believe to be the value of your property and gather and present evidence that supports that value. Such evidence could include a recent sale of your property or a recent appraisal of your property.

If no change is made after an informal hearing with the Assessor’s staff, all taxpayers have a right to make an appointment to be heard before the Board of Equalization, appointments need to be made with the County Assessor, by the deadlines set by statue. It again, is advised to bring all supporting documentation to your hearing.

It is the Assessor’s goal to be fair and equal with valuing all the property within their jurisdiction, they are mandated by State Statutes to perform these duties. Remember the Assessor’s job is to determine Fair Market Value, not to set taxes, the Assessor does not set tax levies, those duties fall upon the political or taxing entities within the county.