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  • New Warren County, MO Integrity Web GIS set to launch January 3, 2011

    As of January 3, 2011 Warren County, MO will have a brand new Integrity™ Web GIS site with which to provide digital mapping data to the public. Developed by Midland GIS Solutions out of Maryville, MO - Integrity™ is an innovative Web GIS solution built on Esri’s latest ArcGIS Server technology for all levels of local government and private and public organizations.In addition to supporting all the features of our current web GIS site, Integrity™ provides an extremely user-friendly interface and ...  Read More +

  • Disabled POW Exemption

    In the November 2, 2010 election, the voters passed House Joint Resolution 15. The measure amends Article X, Section 6 of the Missouri Constitution to read, in pertinent part:All property, real and personal, of the state, counties and other political subdivisions, and nonprofit cemeteries, and all real property used as a homestead as defined by law of any citizen of this state who is a former prisoner of war, as defined by law, and who has a total service-connected disability, shall be exempt fr...  Read More +

  • Homestead Preservation Credit not extended

    The Homestead Preservation Credit (HPC) Program was not extended during the 2010 legislative session. The HPC program will sunset (expire) on August 28, 2010. There will not be a 2010 Homestead Preservation Credit.   Read More +

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